Team TreeHouse Review

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Here is my short and quick review for TeamTreeHouse.


Team TreeHouse is an online class. They have thousands of Course Videos to watch and learn: Web Design, Coding, Business, iOS Development, Android Development, and more. They have a library of courses from Building a Simple Website to advance topics like Building an Interactive Website.

If you’re an individual who want to learn web design for the first time, you can watch their free videos here.

If you have absolutely no knowledge on web design skills like html, javascript, css, Aesthetic, they have what they call “Deep Drives” where all videos are focused on each specific skills.
I actually like what Team Tree House did. They have a comprehensive collection of courses/videos. I myself we’re introduced to other web design skills that is very helpful to me for my projects.

Now, if you’re a serious learner, I highly recommend you to go over their “Learning Adventures” library because it is here where you will be guided accordingly, until you master your chosen subject. It’s the place for you to learn step by step or in a logical order.

so far, my experience with Team Tree House’s courses is very impressive. I have leaned new things, advanced my knowledge, and guided me more as a web designer and as a business man.

Yes as a business man because they also have courses on how to start a company, run a business, market your business and eventually build your company.

As of now, I am still going over to some of their free courses or videos and I am impressed because they simplify things, showing/using graphical illustrations to explain things so that you can easily understand the lesson.

For more information, visit and watch free videos on their library.


They currently offer 3 months of Treehouse’s Silver and Gold Annual Plans for FREE.

They sent me links for the promo and I love to share them with you:

30-Day FREE Trial for Learning Web Design, Coding & much more with No Contract.

Get 3 Months FREE on the Gold Annual Plan for Learning Web Design, Coding, Business & more w/ No Contract for limited time at Treehouse – START NOW!

Get 3 Months FREE on the Silver Annual Plan for Learning Web Design, Coding, Business & more w/ No Contract for limited time at Treehouse – START NOW!



TeamTreeHouse Promo Updates: December 5, 2013:

1st Month FREE. Affordable, Online Technology Education.

Git Basics - Software Development and Design Students: Get Your Git Basics at Treehouse – LEARN MORE!

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